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In the Pieces of the Galaxy collection, you’ll discover hidden surprises as you rebuild a solar system filled unique pieces inspired by history, mythology and astronomy.


  • Pieces: 210 pcs
  • Size: 22 cm
  • Diffculty: master


  • Wood
  • PMMA

Puzzle that tells story

Every Piece Tells a Story

Each planet puzzle features pieces shaped after historical, mythological, or astronomy-related references. You may find mammals on Earth or water-themed icons on Neptune. From significant moments like the discovery of Uranus to star maps, all are hidden within our little pieces!


Eagle, the mythological animal of Jupiter. Lightning fire, the weapon of Jupiter Tree, we use it to present the Chinese word "wood". Symbol of the Pisces constellation, Jupiter is the ruling planet of Pisces. Guardians, who maintain orders on Jupiter.

One puzzle, Multiple fun

Hidden Element

A seed piece in the Earth puzzle because it symbolizes the beginning of life.A number 1781 in the Uranus puzzle because it marks the first observation of Uranus. What else can you find?Uncover mysteries of the universe with our galaxy puzzles!

Puzzle in puzzle

Introducing Hellofish's innovative patented puzzle! Certain pieces of the large puzzle can be reassembled into a mini puzzle! Each mini puzzle features representative elements of individual planets.
Double the fun and let it bring you double surprises!


As you dive into the puzzle, you'll gradually discover that each puzzle piece is unique. In each of these beautiful unique planets, no two pieces are alike.
Even the back of the puzzle can reveal a hidden artwork waiting to be admired!

Elevation Differences

We’ve incorporated different thicknesses of wooden pieces to highlight the unique features of each planet. For example, you will find a slightly raised lunar symbol showcases the surface contours of the Moon.
What fun surprises can you discover in the raised pieces?

Gear of galaxy

Having the complete set of planetary puzzles lets you create a mini solar system with gears from each planet.
When the sun gear turns, all the planets move along, and the moon orbits the Earth, making it an adorable addition to your collection!

Bonus mystery

A full collection come with a bonus mystery planet as a special gift! You will see the name of the god of the underworld and a multi-headed dog that guards the gates of the Underworld to prevent the dead from leaving. It's small but full of surprises!

Made to last

  • High-temperature CO2 laser focuses precisely on the material surface.
  • Instant vaporization of board material with multiple precise lenses.
  • Compressed cold air clears away vaporized material.
  • Laser cutting ensures utmost accuracy and stability.
  • Longer production time ensures the highest quality
  • UV printing technology for colors close to original illustrations.
  • Special reactive agents in ink for clearer color overlay.
  • Protective film enhances texture and preserves color.
  • 1200 DPI resolution for high-quality imaging.
  • Captures every nuance with unparalleled clarity, beyond the 400 DPI discernible by the human eye.
  • Spills are inevitable during puzzle assembly.
  • Ordinary paper puzzles fade and soften when wet.
  • Hellofish uses wooden materials, laser cutting, and UV inkjet printing.
  • Puzzles retain vibrant colors and shape even when soaked.
  • Resistant to humidity.

Inner Worlds

Review: HelloFish- Earth

"I have absolutely no complaints about this puzzle except that it made me want more and my shelves are full. "

Pieces of the Galaxy by HelloFish Creative Studio

"I couldn’t resist to take a deepest look at the project, because it promises multiple surprises when you are doing and also when ..."