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Ricardo Nunez is a frelance illustrator originally from Colombia. Graduated from MFA Illustration Practice from Maryland Institute College of Art in 2016. His work has been recognized in Latin American Illustration, American Illustration, Best of the Best Jury Award Hii Brand China, Applied Arts Student Awards, Creative Quarterly, 3×3 Magazine, Manifest Gallery, Australian Centre for Moving Image, Palermo University, Zupi Magazine, among others. Ricardo’s work has been exhibited in Taiwan, China, Cuba, Mexico, Colombia, United States and London. 


Illustration Story:

Two Horses in the streets of Medellin

The last time I visited Medellin, I asked a friend who lives there to tell me a story of the city, something particular that only could happen in Medellin.

After a while of thinking, my friend told me that once, he saw two horses ruminating on the streets. There was no owner around or saddles on their backs, like if they don’t belong to anyone. They seem comfortable, searching for sporadic sprouts of green here and there. They were like two feral horses but instead of a wild environment, the city was its natural habitat. He told me that the scene was strange to him because of the contrast of having to equine costumed as citizens very used to live in a modern and cosmopolitan city.

I liked that the story was that simple, a happy one. If you don’t know, Medellin has written entire books made from the blood of countless innocent people and has been the scene of numerous movies and tv series that have replicated merciless its violent past. The history of a king without a crown that wanted to owns the world at any price trafficking drugs. A curse that will be carried forever because the past cannot be erased. However, the future can be different.

Finally today, it seems that those stories have begun to be forgotten. Today Medellin stays in tourist’s memories as a kind place to visit. A city that can hang you in the clouds and from there you can see the life of its inhabitants passing by. It has changed significantly and in a very short time. All because its citizens take care with pride of the land that saw them grow and where two horses grazing on the street are now the stories to tell.


Two little ponies live here, the houses are neatly arranged. Drive out the gloom and take a little break. 

▲Picture in Picture:   Little ponies hanging out after work!

Product Name: Medellin
Illustrator:Ricardo Nunez
Design: Hellofish Creative Studio
PCS: 250 pcs
Puzzle Size: 28x19cm
Material: High Density Fiberboard
Packing: Carton
Carton Size: 20x14x8 cm
Country of Origin: TAIWAN

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