Pieces Of Masters - Millet

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Jean-François Millet


Jean-François Millet, a French realism artist and one of the founders of the
Barbizon school in rural France. Millet is renowned for his paintings of peasant
subjects and can be categorized as part of the Realism art movement. Millet's works
depict the thoughts of ordinary people in that age, he is a painter full of humanity.
Born in a farmer family, he depicts the farmer's pastoral life throughout his life,
with cordial and touching brushwork. He is the most beloved painter by the people in
the history of modern French painting. His simple and friendly language of art is
especially loved by French farmers. His representative works include “The Gleaners”,
“The Angelus”, “The Sower”.

“The Gleaners” depicts the scene of three peasant women gleaning up the remaining wheat ears from the farmland after the autumn harvest in the countryside.

The desolation of the peasant women is in sharp contrast with the piles of wheat bales and the busy crowd in the rear. Although the expressions of the peasant women cannot be seen clearly, through their rich movements,information such as the mood and age of the characters can be inferred.

The picture is full of sentiment and tranquility of human dignity, it is simple and unpretentious but gives people an unusual sense of solemnity.

“The Angelus” depicts a peasant couple laying down their work and praying sincerely when the church bell rang in the distance. You can see the church steeple over the twilight field in the background. The couple standing out like silhouettes is very touching. Millet painted a vast space in this painting and added the immortal feelings.

According to him, he remembered praying in the field with his grandmother when he was a child. When he painted this painting, his grandmother and mother had already passed away.

The memories of distant time and space are all condensed in the painting.

Great art is everlasting, speaking to us from across centuries. It can give us a glimpse into the history of humanity and allow us to see the world through a different lens.  

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