Missing Animals - Polar Bear

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We choose five endangered animals and design the "Missing Animals" wooden puzzle collection. The appearance of these animals can be gradually recovered in the process of piecing the pictures together.

Wildlife artist Rohan Sharad Dahotre:

Rohan Dahotre is a wildlife illustrator based out in Pune. He is a nature and wildlife enthusiast, a keen observer who loves exploring the wilderness. He loves illustrating animals, birds and all things wild, contributing towards the cause of wildlife awareness, conservation and welfare.

“Nature has always inspired me. I feel not just me but everyone loves nature. But when it specifically comes to wildlife, that is what I like the most. So much variety, different characteristics, behavior, shapes, sizes, colours and even texture. In all there so much to observe and learn.”

Of the 5,453 mammals listed by IUCN, nearly 2,000 species are endangered. These numbers are shocking. The more worrying fact is that endangerment is a global phenomenon, it’s not limited to a certain region or country. Due to the disappearance of habitats and genetic variation factors, many species are gradually on the verge of extinction. Which means that we human beings have not fulfilled our responsibilities to the environment. The world of nature resources and the animals are suffering in the process of human competition with each other for various needs. Human consciousness is the first step to protect them. We hope to call attention to people for these missing animals through the illustrations, to care about and pay attention to these beautiful creatures. They belong to the nature of this planet, just like us.

Conservation Status:

The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species is the world's most comprehensive inventory of the global conservation status of biological species. The IUCN classified the species into nine groups, specified through criteria such as rate of decline, population size, area of geographic distribution, and degree of population and distribution fragmentation.

Product Name: The Missing Animals - Polar Bear
Illustrator:Rohan Dahotre
Design: Hellofish Creative Studio
PCS: 70 pcs
Puzzle Size: 14x12cm
Material: High Density Fiberboard
Packing: Carton
Carton Size: 14x10x7 cm
Country of Origin: TAIWAN