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Since ancient times, we have been fascinated by the metamorphosis of our living world. Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter represent a journey close to the heart of humankind.

The Solar Terms are rich with seasonal references and cultural elements. As you embark on your puzzle journey, you will find unique pieces themed after animals, plants, seasonal fruit and ancient traditions.

Each illustrated animal in the Pieces of Seasons collection is a personification of a solar term. Hidden within each animal are Chinese characters that symbolize the name of the solar term. 

Crafted with a raised height, these characters are designed to create a tranquil floating effect, adding to the beauty of each puzzle.


Reveal more hidden puzzles by combining pieces from each season to discover the Guardian of the Season.  


In every Pieces of Seasons box, we’ve included a free “picker pen” to help you pull out those tightly slotted pieces. 

We print directly onto the wood. Most puzzle makers print onto photo paper, apply the paper to the wood and cut the wood. This can cause frayed edges and distorted images from the heat transfer. We cut the pieces and print directly onto the wood, leaving a beautiful, high-resolution finish. This also means our puzzles are waterproof and resistant to humidity. Spilly puzzlers rejoice!