Spring Fishing

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In the paintings of watercolor artist Cai Yuelin, Mount Fuji and clouds dance in light and shadow. This Japanese-style watercolor painting contains many special pieces: Maneki-Neko, Torii, Five-storied pagoda, Shinkansen, Ema, Omori, etc., as well as More waiting for you to find!

It rains all week
Moody blue
In a sunny day
Get on the plane and fly to this beautiful scenery with you



Product Name: Spring Fishing
Illustrator:Tsaiuenlin Watercolors
Design: Hellofish Creative Studio
PCS: 250 pcs
Puzzle Size: 28x20cm
Material: High Density Fiberboard
Packing: Carton
Carton Size: 20x14x8 cm
Country of Origin: TAIWAN

▲Please note the manual inside and the box are all Chinese version.