Sun & Moon & Earth

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Three wishes come true at once!

The Cosmos...vast, beautiful, and mysterious. From when humanity first looked up to the stars, we have always wondered...what secrets do they hold? It is time we embark on a voyage like nothing before. 

In each of these beautiful, unique planets, no two pieces are alike. 


Pieces of the Galaxy will take you on a journey of discovery. Similar to adult coloring books, Pieces of the Galaxy is a peaceful, soothing challenge designed to de-stress and delight

Uniquely shaped pieces. Secrets to discover. High quality craftsmanship. Let Pieces of the Galaxy capture your imagination. 

Our solar system is rich with tales of ancient history, whimsical mythology, and incredible science. Each planet in the Pieces of the Galaxy collection contains pieces shaped after historical, mythological, or astronomy-themed references.  

Each planet puzzle includes pieces shaped after historical, mythological, or astronomy-related references related to that particular planet. For example, you may find mammals on Earth, but symbols of masculinity on Mars, and water-themed icons on Neptune.  

Experience the joy of discovery as you uncover the tales within each planet one by one.  

On this journey, you'll come across unbelievable sights. From important moments in history, such as the discovery of Uranus... 

To the symbols used in astronomy, astrology, and even medieval alchemy to denote the planets of our solar system... 

To myths and legends, such as Apollo, Greek god of the Sun, and his famed lyre... 

To maps of the stars - the constellations that each planet belongs to... 

And many more as you set out to explore the 10 different planets of the Pieces of the Galaxy collection. 

To strange visitors living humbly on their home planets... 


Your Guide to the Universe

The Pieces of the Galaxy puzzle collection is packed with references to astronomy, legends, science fiction and more. In each box, you’ll get a booklet detailing the story and significance of each themed piece in the set.   


In the Pieces of the Galaxy collection, each planet contains a hidden secret. Will you find it?  

Mythos-inspired mini-puzzles await inside every box, themed after its featured planet.  

Not only this, but if you pledge for the full collection, you'll also receive a BONUS MYSTERY PLANET as a special gift. 


Sun 365 pieces 28 cm

Born 4.6 billion years ago, the Sun is the keystone of our solar system and is a near perfect sphere. Its constant nuclear fusion gives life to millions of species on Earth. In many ancient tales, the Sun and Moon are siblings, including Japanese folklore and Norse mythology.


Moon 70 pieces 10 cm

The moon inspired humanity's calendar system and its gravtation pull controls the tides of Earth. There are hundreds of legends about the moon, including the "moon rabbit" of East Asian culture and the Roman goddess Luna, who rode her silver chariot across the sky each night.

Earth 130 pieces 16.5 cm

Earth is the only planet known to contain life, with over 7.4 billion humans calling it home. It was commonly thought to be the center of the solar system until the 15th and 16th centuries, when Copernicus and Galileoproved otherwise, giving birth to modern astronomy. The name of the planet in almost every language is related to "soil".