Taiwanese Mountains-Sep. Mt. Jade North Peak

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Taiwan is a mountainous island. With magnificent and changeable landforms,
the mountain landscape changes eternally while the season changes.
With thick snows, cleary lakes, stunning floral seas, and layers of fog and sea of clouds...
It is so beautiful at any time in a year. This is Taiwan and Taiwanese Mountains.

Illustrator:Plant Practice 

A life artist, someone who likes to draw. Wishes to record all beloved things by drawing: especially the mountains and forests in Taiwan, the animals and plants in the forests, the dog A-Fu who has a single bed, and the things I love in life.

In September, it's suitable to have trip to the North Peak of Mt. Jade. On the north peak of Mt. Jade there is a field of French chrysanthemum in full bloom, echoes with the magnificent main east of Mt. Jade at front.

▲Please note the manual inside and the box are all Chinese version.



Product Name: Taiwanese Mountains-Sep. Mt. Jade North Peak
Illustrator: Plant Practice
Design: Hellofish Creative Studio
PCS: 250 pcs
Puzzle Size: 28x21cm
Material: High Density Fiberboard
Packing: Carton
Carton Size: 20x14x8 cm
Country of Origin: TAIWAN