The Old Memories
The Old Memories
The Old Memories
The Old Memories

The Old Memories

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As you piece it together, feel the charm of nostalgia.


  • Pieces: 120 pcs
  • Size: 19 x 14 cm
  • Diffculty: Easy


  • Wood

Puzzle that tells story

Illustrator: Oscar T.

We all have that one old house, when we're unsure of the path ahead, we look back, and take a moment with a cup of tea to sit there, the answer is often there. Forgotten, have you? Time is truly the greatest thief in this world!

Made to last

  • High-temperature CO2 laser focuses precisely on the material surface.
  • Instant vaporization of board material with multiple precise lenses.
  • Compressed cold air clears away vaporized material.
  • Laser cutting ensures utmost accuracy and stability.
  • Longer production time ensures the highest quality
  • UV printing technology for colors close to original illustrations.
  • Special reactive agents in ink for clearer color overlay.
  • Protective film enhances texture and preserves color.
  • 1200 DPI resolution for high-quality imaging.
  • Captures every nuance with unparalleled clarity, beyond the 400 DPI discernible by the human eye.
  • Spills are inevitable during puzzle assembly.
  • Ordinary paper puzzles fade and soften when wet.
  • Hellofish uses wooden materials, laser cutting, and UV inkjet printing.
  • Puzzles retain vibrant colors and shape even when soaked.
  • Resistant to humidity.

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